APINDUSTRIA CONFIMI VICENZA (API), founded in 1974, is the employers’ association of Vicenza’s SMEs and represents 1000 companies, where about 23,000 employees are employed. The composition of the member companies follows the excellence and specificities of the territory. Apindustria Vicenza is the promoter and founding partner of Confimi Impresa, a national organization which includes over 30,000 companies with approximately 500,000 employees. It works alongside associated companies: by carrying out trade union activities, providing a wide range of services in all areas of business management and staff training. API has a good experience in the management of funded projects: TRANSITO project – EQUAL II phase (IT, DE, PL, SK, ES), and interventions of active policies co-financed by the ESF (Youth Guarantee, Adult Guarantee, Social Inclusion). API is creating an operational unit for the design and management of European research and development and cross-border cooperation projects to provide a service in great demand by Vicenza’s SMEs. The service is created in collaboration with CPV and external experts. With respect to administrative capacity, API has operational and administrative resources capable of coordinating project actions in the various planning activities, risk management, relationship with the Management Authority, monitoring of progress, reporting of expenses, drafting of documentation for the purposes evaluation. For the financial capacity, the financial requirement required by the project is manageable compared to the turnover. The managerial capacity in technical coordination is ensured by qualified internal personnel. Operationally, API will play an important role in ensuring dissemination to local companies, in assisting them during their participation in project activities, in maintaining the MC 4.0 Platform and in exploiting the results after the end of the project.