As part of the INTERREG Italy Austria “MC 4.0 Mass Customization” project, the MC 4.0 DEA (DEvelopment and Application Center) CENTER BOLZANO was activated at the Free University of Bolzano with the following mission: 

  • raising the level of knowledge of SMEs in South Tyrol on MC 4.0 
  • assisting South Tyrolean SMEs in the use of MC 4.0 tools for greater competitiveness 
  • helping South Tyrolean SMEs to access funding for the implementation of MC 4.0 tools 

As part of these objectives, the action plan that the MC 4.0 DEA CENTER BOLZANO provides: 

  • the definition of a product configurator for the choice, customization and optimization of the building’s plant components; 
  • the transfer of MC 4.0 skills to SMEs through communication events (Social Media, Newsletter, Press Releases, Website) and live demonstrations to SMEs; 
  • technological and managerial assistance (booking system); 
  • promotion and certification of new professional figures; 
  • development of a local cluster made up of SMEs interested and / or already involved in MC 4.0 applications and researchers / developers / providers of MC 4.0 solutions; 
  • visits and business meetings in Italy and abroad.