MASS CUSTOMIZATION IN SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS: design the performance of the new construction industry

The main issues highlighted by experts involved both in international and Italian and Austrian projects are: 

  • In the building sector, the Mass Customization approach clashes with the customer’s desire to have a unique product; 
  • In the construction sector, standardization is more effective and replicable if applied to the process rather than to the product; 
  • The current trend is to customize the envelope rather than the plant; 
  • Small and medium-sized companies often find difficult to share their know-how. Universities and Standards could play an important role in providing guidelines; 
  • There is often a gap between the desire to outline a Mass Customization strategy and the ability to manage its developments and apply it in practice; 
  • Having a holistic approach, the designer has a fundamental role in the Mass Customization process; 
  • For many small and medium-sized companies it is not economically affordable to develop Mass Customization projects from scratch; 
  • Mass Customization in the building sector should start with the industrialization of the construction construction site.