ROEN EST SPA has a staff of 170 people including 43 employees, as well as 3 operational directors. It normally manages projects and investments for over 5% of its annual turnover of around 22 million euros. The financial need required by the project in question is therefore marginal compared to the overall annual amount of investments sustained by the company. The structure is normally used to following development projects, both organizational and product, which involve several organizational units at an international level. 

From the point of view of operational capacity, Roen Est designs and manufactures heat exchangers, a crucial component in air conditioning systems. It efficiently manages products in high variety / customization, with the possibility of customizing various features, operating in a very competitive market with one plant in Italy and one in Slovakia. In particular, it has reached a high level of mass customization and is equipped with a management capable of integrating technological, managerial and psychological skills that is able to consider the problem of the transformation of an enlarged production system, evaluating both the behavior of people and the constraints and technological opportunities, and the need to operate within governance systems that give stability to the company. 

ROEN EST is very interested in bringing its experiences in the exchange of knowledge on the development techniques of commercial configurators and in deepening the interdependencies between the levers of MassCustomization and the suitability for the adoption of advanced configuration features. 

His experience gained in the transition from paper configuration to SW configurator will be invaluable in defining the profiles of technical-managerial skills of USER INTERFACE EXPERT FOR CONFIGURATORS and CONFIGURATION MANAGER.