The ALPEN-ADRIA-UNIVERSITÄT KALGENFURT (AAU) offers 17 undergraduate courses, 25 master’s programs and 10 teacher training programs, as well as five doctoral courses. There are over 11,500 students with around 1,300 graduates and 400 continuing education programs completed per year. The AAU currently offers around 50 continuing education programs, making it one of the largest academic institutions offering continuing education in Austria. The staff is approximately 1,500 employees in 35 departments spread across the four faculties of the university. 

It is an international university: around 20% of students (1,950) come from overseas, from a total of 100 countries around the world. Since its founding in 1970, the University of Klagenfurt has successfully established itself as a hub for acquiring, exchanging and transferring knowledge across the entire Alps-Adriatic region. Together with the universities of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna, it is one of six state universities offering a broad spectrum of disciplines. 

Scientific results: Research initiatives on Energy Management & Energy Technology, Sustainability, Self-organizing systems produce excellent research results. The projects carried out (as part of national, EU and international programs) at the AAU act as important impulse generators for companies in Carinthia. Participate in many Interreg cooperation projects (e.g. TRI-ICT, SMARTLOGI, E.C.A.R.E)). 

With regard to financial capacity, the University adopts careful management to significantly increase the effectiveness of the funded programs. Therefore. has designed and implemented a procedure based on best practices, which complement its financial capacity with the ability to organize and structure information to make better decisions on managing money within the loan.