UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PADOVA (University of Padua – UNIPD) in figures: born in 1222, 64,000 students, over 2,200 teachers, nearly 2,300 administrative technicians, 12,000 graduates / year, 32 departments, 171 degree courses (three-year, master’s, single-cycle), 171 masters / specialization schools , 37 doctoral courses. It is constantly in the lead among the great Italian universities in the rankings for the quality of teaching, research, services and international research collaborations. This is thanks to an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, the result of the integration of specialized, heterogeneous and diversified disciplinary fields. 

UNIPD participates in the project with the Department of Technical and Management of Industrial Systems (DTG) of Vicenza, which has operational and administrative autonomy. The DTG, active since 1990, is strongly integrated with the territory and is at the top of the Italian departments for research quality. The DTG, with 62 professors and 18 administrative technicians, supports 2 doctoral courses and 3 (3) three-year (master’s) degree courses in Management Engineering, Mechatronics and Product Innovation, including MCT. It trains more than 2,000 students a year. Participate in the Configuration WS and MCP-CE networks. He has advanced skills in SME management, technology transfer, management of technological and organizational innovation. It has 20 researchers specialized in industry 4.0, MCT, product configuration, smart living. He is a partner of the Interreg Central EU InnoPeer AVM project and participates in the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). 

Through the DTG, the University of Padua is able to organize and financially support the implementation of the assigned activities and undertakes to cover the expected expenses in case of project approval. For the effective management and implementation of project activities, it provides suitable and highly qualified administrative and technical resources with consolidated experience in the management of international projects.